I will be doing a book reading and signing on Saturday, September 10, 4-6 pm, at the Silk Road Art Gallery at 83 Audubon Street (across from Neighborhood Music School) in New Haven. I was invited to do this reading by Dan Li, the former manager of the gallery because she felt it important to reach the Yale Chinese community. If you are free and would like to see a beautiful gallery right in the heart of New Haven, socialize, and hear me read, I hope you’ll come. The passages I’ll be reading will be focused more on my heritage and the ways in which the facts of immigration and growing up Chinese in America contributed to the conditions that led me into psychosis. Because the goal is to demonstrate to the Yale and New Haven Chinese communities that seeking treatment for mental distress is not shameful, but can be life saving, and also to urge people when they seek treatment that even while acknowledging that they need help, they should trust themselves and try to find the balance between what busy professionals say is necessary, and what they need to do to be as fully alive, and human, and engaged with their families and loved ones and this world—in other words, as fully themselves—as they can be. Claire